Workplace Coaching + Consulting

Career Development & Realignment for Organizations and Groups

A 2017 gallup survey found that 85% of employees are disengaged worldwide.

70% of Americans are disengaged at work.

Many people hate their job, and their bosses too.

Something has to change.

And it can start with employee career development and wellness coaching.

What is Career Development and Wellness Coaching?

  • Coaching and supporting members of your team through delivery of a customized program over a contracted time period. Not everyone needs a career change, but many need a career reboot, or a way to regain their purpose and focus in their current role. I create the space for your team to grow professionally and personally, and reimagine their career path that aligns to the company’s strategic goals.

  • Leading group coaching workshops for critical thinking skills, career development, self-esteem, confidence and efficacy.

  • Partnering with leaders and others in the company to build roadmaps and plans to achieve their professional and personal goals whilst helping the business achieve its goals through effective leadership and communication.

  • Launching blogs internally and externally about culture, empowerment, and internal coaching.

  • Reviewing and refining internal coaching programs, employee engagement, and career development with metrics and data collection.

Specific goals

  • Individual empowerment: I will unlock the greatness in every person on your team and connect them to their purpose and meaning through their work. Every person will set their own audacious personal and professional goals, then creating actionable plans for achieving them. 

  • Developing leaders: As you grow, you will see many new leaders stepping into roles where they are suddenly coordinating large teams of people for the first time. This goal aims to build the essential skills for coaching, inspiring and empowering others, as well as covering topics such as emotional intelligence, difficult conversations and staying calm under pressure.

  • Group coaching workshops for personal growth: Everyone working in a high-growth startup or in a large, steady organization is either on a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs due or in a plateau of possible stagnation. I’ll hold workshops on everything from understanding ‘imposter syndrome’ to ‘resilience’. My goal for your team is to build confidence and self-awareness, cultivate a growth mindset and help people to see change, reinvention and pushing new frontiers as a critical part of your success. 

  • Organizational Alignment: Let’s understand how we can align the individuals on the team, to the team, and the company at large. You are only as good as your employees. Where are the gaps? Where does the culture need shifting? Alignment begins with how each player is contributing to the team and whether they are in the right role. Harmony equals happy people, a happy work environment...and a happy boss.

Why me?

  • Having a skilled and impartial third party create an environment of trust and safety for your employees will remove barriers of transparency and honesty.

  • Spending time in the corporate and non-profit world, I understand how a variety of environments function and “why things are the way they are”. I can communicate and command attention at all levels to build bridges (the good kind ;) ) in a way that is healthy and impactful.

  • My ability to see through clutter and noise is innate and offers organizations straight forward problem solving that leads to happier employees.

  • Connecting with others and offering emotional support is my super power. If you want to grow your team, I can make your employees feel great at what they do so that they do their job better.

How does it work?

  • Discovery: I come in and assess your team/organization with in-depth interviews over a period of days/weeks, depending on the scope.

  • Design: I provide recommended solutions and a prescriptive program to address goals and enhance current state.

  • Deliver: I implement program over agreed upon time frame and use metrics and tools to measure outcomes.

Happiness is when you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony
— Gandhi