Career Reboot

A 1:1 Coaching program

What is this program? 

I will work with you over 6 sessions to help you strengthen your career portfolio, create your career story, and communicate your value with confidence. This short but impactful program will help you clarify you career goals and strengthen your personal story & portfolio.

Often when we’re looking to make a change or shift in our careers, it can feel daunting preparing our materials and navigating the career search on our own. You may be ready for a new job, but lack true clarity on which direction to go and/or how to land interviews and negotiate the salary that you deserve.

The Career Reboot is for individuals who have an idea of their career path, but would like some guidance in the job search strategy, including expert advice to strengthen your career story and job search materials. If you are looking to completely reinvent or career your change, jump over to this page.

Sometimes we just need a new perspective and to bounce ideas with another person in order to reach new levels in our life and career. This could be just what you need!

What are some results you can expect from this program?

Focus Your Genius

  • Discover your top professional and personal strengths and core values

  • Translate the skills that you have, into the next phase of your career

  • Establish the top 5 characteristics that need to be present in your next job

  • Build a fierce elevator pitch and career narrative that communicates and links your past, present, and future.

Clear Away Self-Doubt

  • Find the courage to take action on what really matters to you and say no to the things that drain you 

  • Learn how to survive the job search process, without losing your mind

  • Feel a new sense of confidence in knowing where your career path is going

  • Receive support to get out of your comfort zone

Strategies To Land Your Next Job

  • Commit to weekly action steps that build upon the plan

  • Jump into various networking strategies and activities

  • An updated Resume, LinkedIn profile

  • Learn how to nail interviews

  • Network like a pro

  • Receive best practices to quickly and effectively land your next great opportunity

What does it include? 

  • 5 - 55 min. video sessions

  • 1 - 55 min mock video interview session

  • Email support and check-ins

  • Accountability

  • Books to read, HW, resources (like podcasts, books, & videos)

  • Resume, LinkedIn, and Networking guidance/support

  • Consistent feedback and resources

Where is the program held?  Remote via Zoom over 6-8 weeks

I also offer a 3-session package that focuses on resume and interview strategy only. Please inquire.

Is this for you? Schedule a complimentary call to learn more and get signed up.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom
— Aristotle