Career Reinvention

A 1:1 Coaching Program

What is this program? 

I will walk with you step-by-step to help you find work that you love and restart your career narrative.

My career strategy and coaching program is a highly personalized accountability program so you can finally find a career that fulfills you, gives you impact and financial freedom, and allows you to share your unique value with the world. This program is like enrolling in school: you put yourself in my hands to guide your process. With my support, you can stop worrying about HOW to figure out what you want to do with your career.

Do you feel called to do something different in your career, but you’re not sure where to start?

Using my holistic process for career discovery, you will receive the structure to find a meaningful career, align yourself to work that is right for you, and learn actionable steps to achieve your goals.  The process combines both coaching and consulting (strategy), which includes evidence-based tools, a safe space, self-reflection, alongside my guidance and expertise.

Are you ready to transform your life? 

No, really. Are you? 

Having a coach to help you see where you shine and shift your focus on your goals, will unwaveringly change your life. I work with individuals who are sick of feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and disengaged with work.

Are you fully committed to making a change?

Change is scary, but do you know what's scarier? Being in the same place 6-12 months from now when you're feeling meh about your job, relationship, self, confidence, and overall life.

What are some results you can expect?

Uncover Your Genius

  • Discover your top workplace and personal strengths and core values

  • Find work that integrates who you are with what you do

  • Translate the skills that you have, into the next phase of your career

  • Get clear on who you are, what your gifts are, your career mission, and where you want to go in the next 1-3 years

  • Establish the top 5 characteristics that need to be present in your next job

Build Your Confidence

  • Find the courage to take action on what really matters to you and say no to the things that drain you 

  • Replace burnout with a life that’s rich in happiness and fulfillment

  • Learn how to survive your current job in the process, without losing your mind

  • Feel a new sense of confidence in knowing where your career path is going

  • Achieve a peace of mind

  • Learn practices and habits that will keep you healthy & happy

  • Understand how to have a bit more control on your thoughts

  • Discover the freedom to care less about what others think

Create The Plan

  • Learn new ways for budgeting and financial awareness

  • Take weekly action steps that build upon the plan

  • Jump into various networking strategies and activities

  • Leave with an updated resume, LinkedIn profile, and enhanced interviewing and networking skills

  • Get unstuck and into actions that lead you to greater income, impact, and fulfillment

  • Understand the best practices for you to quickly and effectively land your next great opportunity

 What does it include? 

  • 1 - 75 min. visioning session to learn all about you and make a plan

  • 3 - 55 min. video sessions per month 

  • 1 - 45 min. mock interview session

  • Email support and check-ins

  • Accountability

  • Books to read, HW, resources (like podcasts & videos)

  • Lifetime access to the Career Trailblazer Series (21 expert interviews on how to build confidence, overcome fear, and live life on your own terms!)

  • Resume, LinkedIn, and Networking guidance/support

  • Interview strategy support

Where is the program held?  Remote via Zoom (in-person on request)*

*I work with clients globally. Most of my clients and I meet remotely, however, if we happen to be in the same city, we can schedule in-person sessions.

This program timeframe is typically between 4-6 months.

There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.
— Oprah

To discover if this is a good fit for you, schedule a complimentary catalyst call below.